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Why choose Altitude Aerial Data LLC for your new company perspective?

Altitude Aerial Data LLC delivers fast and affordable image documentation with the capability of spot thermal reports. We provide reliable data captured with high-definition cameras side by side with an infra-red camera. We capture stunning images and process data reports using quality video and photography taken from an aerial perspective. Information is processed and reports are delivered to boost workflow.

Why take the risk of unlicensed FAA pilots and subject your business to possible fines? Our FAA certified commercial pilots adhere to all local, state, federal laws and airspace regulations. In addition, Altitude Aerial Data LLC is insured for every commercial flight. We have years of experience in aerial production from concept and creation, to filming and flying, to processing and final reports in digital and print.


Utilize aerial imaging to collect information for expansive structures such as infrastructure, equipment yards, pipelines, towers is an efficient and safe means to supplying your business with the imagery and data it needs to document, communicate, and empower your business operations.

We Work Together To Create The Best Data Capture and Data Output.

Altitude Aerial Data LLC will conduct a needs analysis and create a targeted designed approach and implementation for your business needs. Whether it is data collection, analysis, and report generation or a promotional aerial production for your clients and company, we can work collaboratively with you to design the solution that will help your business achieve operational goals.


We can deliver one-time image and video data capture or we can provide long-term data collection and documentation for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. Orthomosaics, 3D models, 2D maps with annotations, counts and measurements to share with your team.

We offer edited productions and can also deliver unedited aerial images for your production piece.

ThermalStudy.png, Drone Aerial Image, Tomball, Texas
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